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Software Informer is a powerful application that keeps your software updated.
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Software Informer is a powerful application that keeps your software updated. Although it hasn't been around for much time, Software Informer is already gaining a huge base of users thanks to its ease of use and features. The application carries out a rather simple task, but I haven't seen many applications exploiting this niche. If you are any bit like me (or like most other heavy users out there) you will have a bunch of applications installed on your computer. Most of the time, you won't even open them, but it is nice to know that when the time comes, you will have a working application. However, with the ever-increasing speed in which the world changes nowadays, it is safe to assume that most applications will be outdated. Upon installation, Software Informer will scan your entire computer and detect your application's versions. Then, it will compare those applications with the online database at and tell you which programs are up-to-date and which are not. On the server, there are almost 40,000 applications. That means that you can be sure that the application you want to update will be there. But that is not all; software informer's staff make it they sole goal to provide great reviews of the applications on the server. So, while you update all your applications, you may get your eyes on another delightful peace of software and give it a try. The only thing that I think could better this application even more is an automatic update feature for all your applications. That might be overkill, but it would make for a nice feature.

José Fernández
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Review summary


  • Displays new updates for all your applications
  • Small download
  • Doesn't take system resources at all
  • No spyware or adware
  • Great reviews of applications on the server
  • Ever-growing list of applications on the server


  • It would be great if the application automated new updates for all your applications
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