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Guest #45086061

Guest #45086061 Great software, we like it.

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polo Great software, we like it.

Reply   |   3 months ago   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (0)
Guest #44499111

Guest #44499111 It's an excellent software.

Reply   |   5 months ago   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (0)
Vivek Parasa

Vivek Parasa 5 stars for your old UI and huge date base.
3 stars for the new UI and huge data base.

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Software Informer

Software Informer Dear User!

Could you kindly clarify what were the issues you experienced with the new interface?

Software Informer

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Vivek Love the old full-screen interface. The new UI ruined the software. 5 stars for the old UI.

Reply   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (+2)
Guest #42417687

Guest #42417687 I just installed the new version, and I want to go back to version 1.4. How do I get version 1.4? I like that since everything is displayed in one screen instead of going through links to display.
Any links for downloading are helpful.

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Guest #42202478

Guest #42202478 I like to use this wonderful program. It helps me update the software on my computer and learn about new trends.

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Guest #42190423

Guest #42190423 I don't know what's with this new version. Every time I click, an ad pops up and none of my programs are even shown.

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Guest #40287383

Guest #40287383 It is a really nice software.

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Sylvester Daniels

Sylvester Daniels Cool app for programs.
smile smile

Reply   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (+2)
Vishal Bakhai

Vishal Bakhai I would suggest that you give the app a offline launch option, cause not everyone can have free bandwidth and don't update a software daily. On top of it, why did you remove the drivers details page? Get it back, as the page really helps to know the drivers I have. Oh and there are still glitches, as it does not capture beta update availability, even after it being there.

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Guest #38471635

Guest #38471635 Good app for downloading PC apps.

Reply   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (+3)
Mara R

Mara R Very useful and convenient application.

Reply   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (+5)
Guest #38624585

Guest #38624585 Are you ready for perfect storm?

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nabi This is very good software I've seen. The most beneficial and popular, thanks a lot.

Reply   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (+3)

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