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Download popular programs, drivers and latest updates easily
Vivek Parasa — 4 years ago
5 stars for your old UI and huge date base. 3 stars for the new UI and huge data base.
Guest — 4 years ago
It is a really nice software.
Vishal Bakhai — 5 years ago
I would suggest that you give the app a offline launch option, cause not everyone can have free bandwidth and don't update a software daily. On top of it, why did you remove the drivers details page? Get it back, as the page really helps to know the drivers I have. Oh and there are still glitches, as it does not capture beta update availability, even after it being there.
Guest — 5 years ago
Good app for downloading PC apps.
Guest — 5 years ago
Are you ready for perfect storm?
nabi — 5 years ago
This is very good software I've seen. The most beneficial and popular, thanks a lot.
b3taisadonna — 5 years ago
The design is bad!
Guest — 5 years ago
This is a great program! I'm very happy that I have it!
Guest — 6 years ago
Why don't I see drivers tools updater in Software Informer?
Guest — 6 years ago
I have been using Sofware Informer for a long time and it has become the unique part to get the last updates of all my apps.
Vojta — 7 years ago
Nice piece of software that provides you with a lot of info about software other people are using. Wouldn't use it outside of a virtual machine, though.
antilag — 7 years ago
A good program to get info about programs installed on your PC for the exchange of giving this information to the site.
Guest — 7 years ago
very useful and helpful! thanks!
Richard Ackon — 7 years ago
This program is the best.
TORQ — 9 years ago
Its free! & Updates are available just one click away and it is a user friendly software and least complicated and extremely helpful!
h.foxtail — 9 years ago
Cool program!
Guest — 9 years ago
gurmeet — 9 years ago
It's great.
Guest — 9 years ago
it's awesome!!!!!!!!!
Guest — 9 years ago
best one
Guest — 9 years ago
I like the way it informs me when something is being installed on my computer
Guest — 9 years ago
Chez — 9 years ago
Cool software
Reiner Block — 9 years ago
Now, every time the information bubble appears, countless empty dialogs from different programms appearing, e.g. Outlook, Firefox etc. And still it does not differ between the different language versions of the software.
Guest — 9 years ago
It is the only software which inform me about my software and give direct download link to update my software. It is really nice.
ganon11000 — 9 years ago
well if you dont like it why are you on here?
Policy Maker — 9 years ago
Al-Shedan — 9 years ago
A great application, really must-have.
Anita International — 9 years ago
Complete Software Social Network
bryent — 9 years ago
very good
Guest — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
excellent reporting
Kevin — 9 years ago
Great tool for new software and information!
Guest — 9 years ago
it's super cool just as a new software comes up it tells me
Murad vegdani — 9 years ago
It is the best.
Guest — 9 years ago
very bad
Guest — 9 years ago
very good
Guest — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
Its great as it shows all the updates available
Guest — 9 years ago
Very useful.
Guest — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
Shubhankar — 9 years ago
Because this program is good
Paras Zunke — 9 years ago
The best software
Guest — 9 years ago
Amir Mousavi — 9 years ago
It works!
miroslav — 9 years ago
Gora — 9 years ago
It is awesome..
yk_vimal — 9 years ago
I love it
Sylvain_B — 9 years ago
Very useful to stay up to date!
Guest — 9 years ago
Great & very useful software.
huzef khan — 9 years ago
good work by software informer team
Guest — 9 years ago
good program
Guest — 10 years ago
works very good
Guest — 10 years ago
Zulqadar Hassan — 10 years ago
Jayadev — 9 years ago
Great tool for keeping your loads of software up to date. A must have for every software addict.
2thebest — 10 years ago
good for looking for updates & informations about programs good in sharing with the others
Sayan Roy — 10 years ago
It is awesome
Sandeep Onkar — 10 years ago
The Best way to keep all your softwares UP TO DATE !!!!!
Guest — 9 years ago
It is very good!
janjala — 10 years ago
I like it because he informs me about update and i like when with right-click it opens launcher from start menu, it is a great to find prog in no time
j05e — 10 years ago
I like it but i don't use it all the time.
Guest — 10 years ago
haresh — 10 years ago
updates me..
Guest — 10 years ago
A free program that would be worth paying for. It keeps all my software up to date and notifies me if there are any new upgrades.
g3man — 10 years ago
I like its function
Diogo Fontes — 10 years ago
Very Good
Moaz ullah khan — 10 years ago
Best software Checker and very light working.
Svetla — 10 years ago
very good
Nestor Figueroa — 10 years ago
This program does the things that cnet tracker should be doing. Very useful
Nosaddle — 10 years ago
A very "User-Friendly" and Simple to use Software. An abssolute God send Thank you very much for sharing this with others.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE
abid — 10 years ago
It made my computer up to date
kaustubh1995 — 10 years ago
djordje — 10 years ago
ste48 — 9 years ago
user-friendly, but tricky when updating
Guest — 10 years ago
Papa Arhin — 10 years ago
is cool
red108 — 10 years ago
I like software informer.
tekapa23 — 10 years ago
Very useful
Guest — 10 years ago
Very handy application !
Guest — 10 years ago
Because it makes my work much easier i don't have to go here and there to search for updates
Guest — 10 years ago
Very good for me
Patricia Graeme — 10 years ago
SI makes it easy to keep up to date.
Guest — 10 years ago
informs me about latest update of my drivers and applications for free
Guest — 10 years ago
I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. I love my free software and my software update reminders. Thanks so much. What a great idea
Guest — 10 years ago
hope for better
Dark Prince — 10 years ago
fantastic program
Guest — 10 years ago
Very good
Guest — 10 years ago
Really the best.
Aaron Stone — 10 years ago
sarab — 10 years ago
With this it's easy to find latest versions
samsam27 — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
nice software
Julie De Varzeille — 10 years ago
So useful and easy in handling. The program does MY work by itself. GREAT!!
Guest — 10 years ago
This thing is amazing
PYKL — 10 years ago
Easy to use; very informative & helpful.
Guest — 10 years ago
The first software that I use of this kind. Very helpful for updating and to keep informed about the world of software. I thank Software Informer family.
Guest — 10 years ago
Knows before I do, when to update.
Guest — 10 years ago
Very nice for a freeware. Has some issues with reporting the most current version.
Karen — 10 years ago
know at a glance that your software is up-to-date, but needs to be slightly more accurate
Thomas Kirkland — 10 years ago
Keeps me up to date on improvements
nmr2011bm — 10 years ago
very good
Guest — 10 years ago
10x, it's cool
Guest — 10 years ago
very good software i am looking for like this one
Guest — 10 years ago
good program, but a lot of false positives..
Paul Bastings — 10 years ago
Good program
kmzcrown — 10 years ago
it helps a lot for check update program.
d2_planetocean — 10 years ago
its awesome...., just on 1,2,3 scheme, we can shortly know, which softwares and drivers were outdated...., and within minutes find updates of those...., Its okay...., I'm a fans of Software Informer....,
Guest — 10 years ago
It's amazing and you can keep your software up to date.
Guest — 10 years ago
Detecta nuevas versiones de Software existente en nuestro equipo (como todo el mundo sabe). No conozco otro mejor que este.
Fido Dido™ — 10 years ago
Great work ... relax
Guest — 10 years ago
I Vote For This Program Cause It Is Execellent
nitin surani — 10 years ago
I use this software and it is very esay to i like this software....really it's not a fake...
Guest — 10 years ago
Its very usable
Arlie — 10 years ago
Interface did no make sense to me. it was showing updates for that did not exist for my computer
ijaz — 10 years ago
Easier to update
Guest — 10 years ago
Very, very good
BlThunder — 10 years ago
Great tool but til now a lot of works to do and atm many wrong information and therefore a lot of work for the user
mustafa — 10 years ago
very nice program
TkEfSaNe — 10 years ago
perfect program it is easy to update your applications and program and so on
Guest — 10 years ago
it's cool
William Miles — 10 years ago
New user, but i'm impressed with the program. Easy to use in updating files on your computer.
Chang — 10 years ago
Very updated software database
Alexander Maltsev — 10 years ago
Its goooooood!
Caramelka — 10 years ago
the best!
mohamedkahseem — 10 years ago
PADFOOT — 10 years ago
it provides info, updates, program site, program opening and uninstalling... all at one place
bearbottoms — 10 years ago
Very good service to help keep your software up to date, and also browse what others are using to find great software.
David Lin — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
software iformer is good for pc protection
Guest — 10 years ago
Svetlana — 10 years ago
very cool program!
Guest — 10 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
I can update any type of software by using this.
George Parent — 11 years ago
so far i find it very good with new updates it is a top software i have ever used
eng adnan — 11 years ago
any eng.must have this softwear
Guest — 11 years ago
Fast, simple and very easy to use.
Abraham Babalola — 11 years ago
I think it to be the best
uchiha itachi — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
bert — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
this the first time i know this program
Guest — 11 years ago
is a very useful tool, is very good and you can see many things with it I think is one of the best programs in the world
tom van der spiegel — 11 years ago
the best !
Guest — 11 years ago
very good
Philipp König — 11 years ago
Gabriel & Daniel — 11 years ago
Make update easier
Guest — 11 years ago
software informer is awesome! free and easy to use. it's great having all my stuff updated I did not even know that needed to be updated.
StanTrolav — 11 years ago
Cool stuff
Guest — 11 years ago
ease of use and simple,time saving
alex — 11 years ago
is a fantastic program, is good and you can see many things with it I think is one of the best programs in the world
Robert M. Arker — 11 years ago
Great idea
Erjon Grori — 11 years ago
A big help
Guest — 11 years ago
Dominik Gabriel — 11 years ago
very good program
Hugo Valença de Siqueira Santos — 11 years ago
Very good - gives you a very updates informattions. Congratulations. Go on. hugo
Sniper — 11 years ago
It's easy to find new updates and it's free
Skyrunner — 11 years ago
Nice tool
chelang_doski — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
I like this software. I would rate it as 5/5!
ghost — 11 years ago
It is the best program i saw
vishal gupta — 11 years ago
H.Sandhu — 11 years ago
i like it
balus — 11 years ago
easy software to keep pc up to date
Guest — 11 years ago
Dan — 11 years ago
VIVEK MISHRA — 11 years ago
Very helpful software
Женя — 11 years ago
Askolds — 11 years ago
i like it
TwistedEvil — 11 years ago
This program is very good idea. It is very useful.
xea — 11 years ago
Very instructive for me! Thanks
Hiral M Kakdiya — 11 years ago
very good
OLLI_S — 11 years ago
Simply the BEST Update Manager you can get.
Sneetsher — 11 years ago
Limited within Microsoft platforms!!!
Guest — 11 years ago
best updater
Guest — 11 years ago
cool program
-SI-User-923- — 11 years ago
Software Informer's Really Great!!! It scans your whole computer and tells you what you can update, it does a really great job of it!
Othman — 11 years ago
it is helpful but there is a problem when you use advanced search in software
Guest — 11 years ago
because i like it most so, that i can easily work in shortcuts.
zdig1 — 11 years ago
sj — 11 years ago
nomer — 11 years ago
you do great job, you are number one in the world it's great program and thank you againnomer saeed syrian arab rebableck xunit1987 at hotmail dot com
Guest — 11 years ago
Tarvo — 11 years ago
amazing good program
Rejin — 11 years ago
Perfect on intimation..... Very user friendly...
Guest — 11 years ago
because it gives knowledge about the latest versions
C0ntrab@nd — 11 years ago
It's awesome
Guest — 11 years ago
usefull & needed in any PC
Guest — 11 years ago
it is very useful
Caleb Stein — 11 years ago
It notifies me about current giveaway of the days and about my out of date software
Maksim Kubrak — 11 years ago
NOFATCHX — 11 years ago
Love this software!
Mehdi Khatiri — 11 years ago
YoU Ha Ha Ha Ha ..... :-*
Guest — 11 years ago
very useful
Prasanth Kurian — 11 years ago
know about every update @ right time..
Emil Olandria — 11 years ago
Vivek Rp — 11 years ago
The Best Software Updater & Maintainer
ZaWlady — 11 years ago
Escorpion — 11 years ago
A very helpful program.
Guest — 11 years ago
Henry Bill Sanchez — 11 years ago
excellent, it keeps me informed about so I upgrade versions and freeware versions
BigBouncingBob — 11 years ago
still needs to develop a little more, but a good start. I always used FileHippo before I stumbled on this community. A wide variety of all programs & a decent version checker (though a handful of up-to-date programs still show up as previous versions). But even with its slight faults I can forgive it,'s in beta.
Guest — 11 years ago
Evil Goku5 — 11 years ago
MEDIA-DAGENT — 11 years ago
very good
ANTONIO RUSSO — 11 years ago
Ben — 11 years ago
nice program for free, but it doesn't always match software updates correctly
Guest — 11 years ago
Very useful program
alisani — 11 years ago
great tool
Guest — 11 years ago
This program has saved me a lot of time and hassle by identifying available updates for my software.
saniismail — 11 years ago
good program to review your update software.
Zunami — 11 years ago
thanks god for this good tool
SyNtEr — 11 years ago
Very useful
Morgan Dalton — 11 years ago
could be better
isosagir — 11 years ago
l see the best all product..helpful
Guest — 11 years ago
the good program
Firenze — 11 years ago
It doesn't give much help cause it always give a wrong version of any other software.
kale — 11 years ago
the best keep-your-soft-current tool around
Imad Fawzi — 11 years ago
Very detailed program and a powerful tracker. I like it
karthick — 11 years ago
to click icons easy
Vernon Guillory — 11 years ago
Waiting for a stable and real version.
amit_beniwal — 11 years ago
thums up
MultiWebSearch — 11 years ago
Its informs you about updated programs and sometimes its also gives wrong updates thats is old or even not exist.
Tuberk KutLu — 11 years ago
I love tihs program, ^^
BF — 11 years ago
GREAT tool
Ghislain — 11 years ago
great software........keeps you updated with every software update and the programs installed........easy to use also.....
Quijotano — 11 years ago
so far, so good
titas — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
Anil — 11 years ago
its good program which give me opportunity to download the software without any experience and knowledge.
Subash — 11 years ago
it's useful to update
Guest — 11 years ago
Tanjeel — 11 years ago
So far so good.
Andre — 11 years ago
ArxARV — 11 years ago
Long searched a driver on a 3G modem, and here (on reference of search) found for 10 seconds! Well, and designed you all the same link!
ducati999 — 11 years ago
jcmorrill — 11 years ago
need i have to explain?
Guest — 11 years ago
love loveeee
Rodrigo — 11 years ago
Michael — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
nice, not more
Guest — 11 years ago
Muhammad Fahim Ishtiaq — 11 years ago
coz i love this software
Guest — 11 years ago
easy access
Guest — 11 years ago
labi — 11 years ago
Zan — 11 years ago
amazing programme
BENZIN — 11 years ago
best prog
Sergey Sergeev — 11 years ago
The Best ever in da world!Very Beautiful!I like it!
Nomad Soul — 11 years ago
Have some problems with versions comparison
Guest — 11 years ago
It is the best software updater i have ever seen
Matthias Pollak — 11 years ago
Its properly and very useful.Sometime its a little bit nervy, that the programm alyays reminds you to register, I hope I
eleodoru — 11 years ago
Giani Zail Singh — 11 years ago
Very useful.
Surenthan — 11 years ago
because it's useful program
Rohit Agarwal — 11 years ago
good software to keep track of all the software updates
Pedro Henrique — 11 years ago
Great program
shyne — 11 years ago
how to pay
Andstar — 11 years ago
It is so convenient that I can download all my updates FROM ONE PLACE! 5 stars!!!
Ankur Panchani — 11 years ago
It is the good informer for our software updates.
Obpax — 11 years ago
It's very easy to use and have various tips to manage the olds and news softwares. Congratulations !
MS Elaziz — 11 years ago
Amazing software
sinel — 11 years ago
it helps me to make my notebook working really good
Guest — 11 years ago
Guest — 11 years ago
its best
Hadis — 11 years ago
The DeViL — 11 years ago
useful tool
lisandro — 11 years ago
is small.Precision updated.No Spy.No Slow my social software network.Best regards an Keep Going.nice to meet you.
Guest — 11 years ago
It works!
Barry Ward — 11 years ago
Great! Im addicted.
a-scorpion — 11 years ago
its nice way to update and to help your friends with comments
MioLuci — 11 years ago
it's verry good!
jbleck — 11 years ago
i was waiting 4 a soft like this... keep it up
punktdawg — 12 years ago
Very useful!
Uni — 12 years ago
I like this
JayCee — 12 years ago
I love this programme.
Ardhendu Pal — 12 years ago
its a good informer I really like it
Fernando — 12 years ago
Excellent program, i dont know to much about it but i like it, the general presentation of the software and his easy funtion, very usefull.
denish — 12 years ago
its superb keeps me update so......
TeogopkA — 11 years ago
this update is very useful .. thanks
Hazim Adil Yesildag — 12 years ago
easy and great
Ravi Shankar — 12 years ago
nice software
Guest — 12 years ago
ajho — 12 years ago
so far is good
Bethrezen — 12 years ago
Do i need to say this is da best? Before installing this one on my computer staying up to date was really a pain... Today, i just need a couple of clicks to identify and update any software installed on my computer! A must have!
zaps40 — 10 years ago
it is good but sometime it is wrong about updates
Derek M Bond — 12 years ago
This program locates all of my out-of-date programs in a single application, making is very easy to use and easy to update my out-of-date software. Thank you!!!
thomas.merz — 12 years ago
fine, very useful
voidfire — 12 years ago
Still need some improvements. I still get new update, although the official site doesn't have it yet.
Ash — 12 years ago
Current software version seems to be have problems with installed software version detection.
Guest — 12 years ago
very good easy to use
Guest — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
its good because it gave all the update software
jinojames — 11 years ago
very useful
Karol Gniady — 12 years ago
It usually 'deseives'
Guest — 12 years ago
Program stated I have 16 outdated programs which is false. All of these programs were the latest versions. You are better off with the FileHippo update checker.
Light Gun — 12 years ago
Its helpfull...
Guest — 12 years ago
this what i love to talkin about
Guest — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
always keep you inform.
Lee Pattison — 11 years ago
Best update program on the web by far
nimish — 12 years ago
Luv it
Guest — 12 years ago
Recommend to installation and use as software informer often reports about outdated versions it is an easy way to control my software as well as sources on the Internet
Mantec — 12 years ago
i like this cool keep up the good work
russ — 12 years ago
Cynthia Roubique — 12 years ago
makes keeping up to date so much easier!
Guest — 12 years ago
best software informer
ijaa — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
It is pretty, dainty, small and graceful.
sandy — 12 years ago
it is smart
claud — 12 years ago
need link to update your own program
Bill Jacobs — 11 years ago
One of the best programs I've ever had. I truly look forward every day to using it. The only problem I have is how to delete wrong versions. Working on it.
liam — 12 years ago
because i like kar2oche
JayaitcHe — 12 years ago
a great program. no need to manually check programs and upgrades.
Juan Da Hacker — 12 years ago
I use it every day its really good
Guest — 12 years ago
very good
Ron Francis — 12 years ago
Gets many versions wrong and will not differentiate alpha and beta versions. Will also not take into account version munbers that are smaller.
Tomas Marny — 12 years ago
Change auto-hide taskbar!!!
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